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History of the house

Casa Tulipa Rosa is an old farm which was built approximately 200 years ago. It was owned by the Ivaldi family who lived there until 20 years ago, producing wine. The wines were produced and stored in the wine cellar in the house.

The house consisted of 4 parts which after inheritance were owned by different members of the Ivaldi family. They lived in the house until 20 years ago. In 2007 we bought the house from the family. Wijngaarden

The house has been built entirely from natural stones from the Cavatore region, which is known for its good quality. It is a traditional Piedmontese farm with thick walls and a long shaped form with a cantina and wine cellar. The vaulted ceilings are original and as such date back to 1800.


The renovation was executed in such a way that most original details were preserved. The roof kept its original Piedmontese border. The walls have been flushed according to local craftsmanship standards to ensure the stones can breathe. During the renovation we used as much as possible old materials, like floor tiles and roof tiles.

The land surrounding the house contains many fruit trees and hazelnut bushes. According to the neighbors it is known for its fertility and ideal position for viticulture. Next to the house is a well which in the past provided the water for the farm and the household.