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Casa Tulipa Rosa is a farm of approximately 200 years old which we recently renovated completely. It offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the good Piedmontese life with family and friends. With its three bathrooms and five bedrooms the house offers ten places to sleep and a fantastic view from the swimming pool. The house and the Piemont is ideal for all seasons.

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Casa Tulipa Rosa

Welcome to the web site of Casa Tulipa Rosa. Casa Tulipa Rosa is a farm of approximately 200 years old, which was recently completely renovated. It now serves as the perfect holiday house with luxurious but authentical furnishing. Next to luxury and comfort it offers foremost a perfect opportunity to explore our favorite region: the Piedmont in Italy. For those who really love Italy and want to experience it together with the Italians this is the place to be. Next to exploring the nice little villages and towns the Piedmont offers ample opportunities for a range of activities like hiking, cycling, playing golf, etc. However, the Piedmont is best known as the culinary center of Italy with its worldwide famous truffles, beloved Barolo wines, and the popular Slow Food organization. The Piedmont and the house are therefore a great place to visit in all seasons and the region has year round activities taking place. The view from the swimming pool.
... The holiday house is situated in Acqui Therme, a nice authentic city, founded by the Romans. At the time it was already popular with the Romans because of its hot water springs, which still exist today and serve as a real opportunity to relax. In terms of landscape the Piedmont can best be compared with the Tuscany region in Italy. The wineries

The house.

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