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The Piedmont

The Piedmont is a region with something to offer for everyone. It is the ideal region for both a culinary and active holiday. A region with a rich history and many traditions which are still important. And all this surrounded by beautiful nature and old villages. In short: the real Italy not yet flooded by tourists, pure, affordable and with a very friendly population.

The region

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Day trips

Of course the Piedmont has a lot more to offer next to wining and dining. Cities like Turin, Asti and Albi offer loads of history, culture and tradition. With its beautiful historic centre, its many museums, palaces and churches, Turin is really worth a visit. Especially since it was fully renovated for the Olympic Wintergames of 2004. Travelling through the region you will see many old villages and towns, often with beautiful churches. In addition the region offers great golf courses, nicely situated in the hills, and a ample opportunities for hiking trips and active cycling. Finally it is less than an hour drive to the Italian Riviera to spend a day on the beach the Italian way. Next an overview of possible day trips.

Cafe Torino.

Suggestions for day trips

Nearby the house hiking trips can be made from hiking trails through the vineyards leaving from the house. Behind the house take the sandy road which first goes through nature (follow it up hill at the junction) towards the town of Melazzo. A hike of about 45 minutes partly on sandy roads and partly on (quiet) normal road. In Melazzo there is bakery.

Cimaferle, belongs to Ponzone and is 5 km from Ponzone furhter into the hills/mountains. One can make beautiful hiking tours from there and then afterwards go the shop Salumifico Cimaferle which has home made cheese, pasta, honey but foremost salami, really one of the best and recommended by Slowfood.

In addition the region offers nature parks with beautiful hikes and panoramic views. Sasselo (Foresta della Deiva) Parc Beigua Percosi Verdi Sentieri

Most of the small towns and villages regularly have markets, for example Canelli and Acqui Terme. Twice a week there is a very well sorted market in the old centre of Acqui Terme where you can buy local and seasonal products.

Antique markets
Asti, Nizza Monferrato, Acqui Therme and Canelli, all offer once a month interesting antique markets.

Nizza Monferrato (each 3rd Sunday of the month)
Acqui Terme (every last Sunday of the month)
Asti (every 4th Sunday of the month)
Canelli (every last Sunday of the month)

Cycling trips
The region offers many possibilities for cycling trips, including race cycling, through the hills.

Outdoor activities
The company offers excellent mountain biking, trekking and tasting activities. Degree can be easy to experienced. All activities combine the activities with the pleasures of the Piemonte being food and wine. All activities include a guide. We have done a mountainbike tour of 40km including a visit to Forteto della Luja (winery). He uses good equipment and the tour includes sufficient offroad paths through wineyards and the forest. Paths you will not find yourself. Includes as well great views from hill tops. Absolutely recommended. Outdoor live

A historical city, former capital of the Savoy region, with glorious palaces, churches, shops and galleries. After admiring the city and maybe some great shopping, the terraces next to the Po river and Piazza Vittorio Veneto offer the perfect place to relax. Turismo Torino
Turijn, Palazzo Realle

A beautiful historic city with many art galleries and good restaurants and vineyards.

Famous worldwide for its truffles, and also the capital of the Barolo and Barbaresco region.

Palio Asti
City with a beautiful historic centre and mainly known from the Palio which takes place once a year in September. Palio

Nice town with good wine houses. Throughout the town there are cellars with good wines, worth a visit.

Nizza Monferrato
Small town with beautiful little centre and some very good restaurants. The route from Acqui Therme via Alice Belle Colle to Nizza offers superb views on the vineyards.

Little village with a splendid, grand old church.

Wine itinerary
The region offers multiple wine itineraries leading you to the best vineyards and beautiful villages. Strada del vino Alto Monferrato

Italian Riviera and Cinque Terra
Visit the historical old cities Camogli (with boat trips to San Fruttuoso cave and the old abbey), Portofino and Santa Margherita, with their little streets and old harbors, all within one hour driving distance. Cinque Terra is a two hour drive. It can be busy and touristic during summer, but it offers beautiful and relaxed hiking with a train returning you to the start point. In the direction of France you will find the old Riviera cities Bordigera, Ventimiglia and San Remo.

Portofino Fruttuoso

Horse riding
Visone, which is nearby, offers opportunities for horse riding. Agrico la Il Guado

Spa and hot water springs
Acqui Therme offers lovely hot water springs and spa’s for all kinds of treatments and relaxing. Terme di Acqui

Beautiful town a few kilometres uphill from Cavatore. Beautiful views especially from the terrace in the back off Bar/Coffee corner Malo (walk all the way to the back of the shop) and watch the local men play cards. Next to that nice to stroll through the town and for example see the church.

Beautifull old town, known as an ugly harbour town but has a great Unesco protected old city center. More than worthwhile to go to. Take the train who from Acqui Terme which drops you, after a 1 hour beautiful train ride, straight in the city center of Genoa without struggling to park your car.

Monastero Bormida
Nice little town close by Acqui. Worthwhile to visit the beautiful old monastery.

Sacret Mountains
Piemonte has a number of sacret mountains. One of them is 30 kilometres North of Asti, so not so far and worthwhile the trip. It is Sanctuario di Crea. Combine it with a stop at Castel Alfrero for lunch. (see also Restaurants) Il Santuario

The Royal Residences of the House of Savoy
Beautifull palaces in the heart of Turino and outside Turino. Especially the hunting palace (Palazzina di Caccia at Stupinigi) is beautifull and recently restored and Unesco protected. Palazzina di Caccia at Stupinigi Royal residences

Tourist information
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